who is to blame for Romeo & Juliet’s death?

The Capulets are to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death because they only care about how they were going to become rich when their daughter Juliet gets marry with Paris they put too much pressure on Juliet she didn’t love Paris, she loved Romeo but they were opposites attract, they hated each other but Romeo and Juliet didn’t. Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet didn’t care how Juliet felt about this and she didn’t want to get marry with Paris so she faked her death and his parents didn’t care she was dead they didn’t love her, they only said that ”now that she’s dead they’re gonna die poor and not get anything from Paris fortune”, Romeo thought she was dead and he thought that life was meaningless without her he didn’t have a reason to live anymore so he got some poison and he drank it right after Juliet had wakened up, so she shoot a gun in her head.


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